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Preliminary Program

Improved Voltage Control of the Electric Vehicle Operating as UPS in Smart Homes
Vitor Monteiro

Performance Comparison of a Typical Nonlinear Load Connected to ac and dc Power Grids
Tiago Sousa, Vitor. Monteiro, Pinto J. G., Afonso J.

Energy end-use flexibility of the next generation of decision-makers in a Smart Grid setting: an exploratory study
Reis I.,  Marta A. Lopes,  Paula Ferreira, Carlos Henggeler Antunes, Madalena A.

How much are residential consumers willing to invest in photovoltaic systems?
Joana Figueira, Dulce Coelho, Fernando  Lopes

A Selective Harmonic Compensation with Current Limiting Algorithm
NayaraVillela de Oliveira, Cleiton Freitas, Luis Monteiro

Power Electronics Converters for an Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Station with Storage Capability
Gabriel Oliveira Pinto

Sustainability assessment of high voltage transmission lines
Fereira Paula, Glaucivan Cunha, Araujo Madalena

Analysis and evaluation of photovoltaic system performance under Doha weather conditions: An experimental study
Farid Touati,  Antonio Gonzales, Mohammed Al-Hitmi, Christian Kim Sorino, Yazan Qiblawi

Electro-Optical System for Evaluation of Dynamic Inductive Wireless Power Transfer to Electric Vehicles
Luiz Alberto Lisboa Cardoso, A. Augusto, Luiz Afonso, Dehann Fourie

Experimental Evaluation of Magnetostrictive Strain of Electrical Steel
Antonio Vieira, Joao Espiritosanto, Cristiano Coutinho, Sergio Tavares, Marta Pinto, Costa Linhares, H. Mendes

Design of Compact LoRa Devices for Smart Building Applications
S. Lopes,  Felisberto Pereira,  J.N. Vieira,  Nuno B. Carvalho, A. Curado

Optimizing the Train-Catenary Electrical Interface Through Control Reconfiguration
Antonio Martins, V. Morais, Carlos Ramos, Adriano Silva Carvalho, J. Afonso

Voltage Distortion Minimization in Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters
Antonio Martins, J. Faria, Abel Ferreira

Day-ahead electricity market price forecasting using artificial neural network with spearman data correlation
Tiago Pinto, Joao Nascimento, Zita Vale

Home Energy Monitoring System Towards Smart Control of Energy Consumption
Zakariae Jebroni, Jose Afonso, Belkassem Tidhaf

Identifying Most Probable Negotiation Scenario in Bilateral Contracts with Reinforcement Learning
Tiago Pinto, Francisco Silva, Isabel P., Zita Vale

Multi-temporal active power scheduling and voltage/var control in autonomous microgrids
Manuel V. Castro, Carlos Moreira


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